How Running Facebook Ads During the COVID-19 Pandemic Can Benefit Your Business: 5 Key Advantages


1.) Less Competition.

Due to Facebook Ads During the COVID-19 thousands of advertisers are dropping offline by the day – primarily brick and mortar businesses pulling out their budget.

This means less competition for you… Simply put you won’t have to bid against nearly as many advertisers as you once did. You’ll be able to win more bids and get even more results.

2.) Reach Is Up.

Since so many families are home right now from work and school – screen times are at historical highs.

Watch times are growing by the day and Facebook has reported it’s highest active user count.

This means there is way more ad inventory available for Facebook to place ads on so this will increase your overall reach because CPMs are dropping in costs.
Usually reach is not a super important metric but when you’re able to get upwards of a 500% increase in reach with no change in budget. Of course it’s going to become a metric we care about… It’s leading to a ton of extra brand awareness and conversions.

3.) Online Shopping Is Up.

Fewer people want to leave their homes to go out and buy essential products and items in stores.

So this is great for eCommerce companies because more people are converting online to make their purchases.

In fact, our eCommerce clients are seeing a surge in purchase conversions because of this.

When an opportunity like this is presented to us it means it’s time to scale…

4.) Slow Review Times.

This might seem like a negative but it’s actually a positive if you already have ads running that are successful.

Because for all the advertisers who decide they want to start running ads now they will have to wait longer for their ads to get approved. This gives you more time to win bids and not have to worry about competition.

5.) Speak The Truth.

If you create ads that mention the coronavirus it’s going to make your ads more relevant and lead to more conversions.

We are seeing an increase in results across the board right now for brands who use “coronavirus” or “covid-19” keywords in their ads.

So far Facebook Ads During the COVID-19 CPMs are at historical lows, reach is flying through the roof with more users being online now more than ever, advertisers are dropping like flies especially brick and mortar businesses.

This is opening up the flood gate of opportunities and it’s the perfect time to take advantage of Facebook ads…

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