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Recently, there have been news of individuals receiving Beware of Corona Phishing Emails by scammers with regards to #COVID-19 and they will claim that they are from World Health Organization: WHO.

These emails will normally ask you to provide sensitive information like your username and passwords for certain sites. Or there might be a link or attachment which they would require you to click or download.

Do not provide any personal information nor click on any links or download any attachments as they could be able to steal your data or information. Worse is they might even download malware(s) on your device.

Protect yourself and your data. Delete and spam that Beware of Corona Phishing Emails. Don’t let scammers get their way.

Zenoids Always take care of our clients and customers.
Please take the safety measure which would benefit you as well as all your colleagues and wear a mask even at your workplace on priority. Also, wash your hands frequently which would avoid the virus sustaining in your body.  

Stay vigilant against Corona phishing emails! Protect yourself from scams with our guide. Learn how to spot and avoid fraudulent messages

Happy health and happy work. Have a nice day!

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