The Differences Between Web-Based ERP and Cloud ERP: What You Need to Know


Web/Cloud-based ERP Solutions

Out of a large crowd, only a handful of people are known of the concept of ERP. the most basic definition that this small percentage of people know is that ERP is software with which business operations and applications can be carried out with less hectic procedures. Fewer people in that small crowd are aware of the types of ERP- On-premise, cloud-based ERP, and web-based ERP

Only a fractional amount of that crowd knows about the significant difference between web-based ERP and cloud ERP. 

In the first place, let’s understand what a web-based ERP is.

Unlike the traditional ERP procedures of investing heavy amounts in the company’s software and hardware, web-based ERP locates the system off-site ad grants access to it over a network through a web browser. 

What’s in it for you?

You can perform any operation virtually using only a web browser, URL and a compatible device that is enabled with the internet.  

How Zenoids Web-based ERP unravels complex business operations?

  1. Assists in handling compound growth:

    With the growth in the business comes growth in the customers and a ton of challenges and complexities. It becomes even more complex to handle enormous data. Our web-based ERP system is highly scalable. It has an efficient workflow system that allows you to scale up and scale down your operations concerning the demands.
  2. Release your resources effectively:

    Our web-based ERP can save you heavy investments in hardware and software. We understand, how easy and quick it will be to perform business operations once the resources are released and managed properly.
  3. Easy access to work from any remote location:

    Now almost every web-enabled device is compatible with web ERP, which benefits businesses by creating a central repository for all of their important data, keeping all stakeholders well-connected with one another regardless of where they are located, facilitating data exchange and updates for remote users, and maintaining overall workflow efficiency.

To streamline your business operations and experience the benefits of web-based ERP, contact Zenoids today. Our scalable, efficient, and web-based ERP system can help you handle complex growth, release your resources effectively, and enable easy access to work from any remote location. Email us at info@zenoids.com to learn more and get started. Click here to learn more about Application Development

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