Facebook Bans Ads Related To COVID-19 Products


Facebook has announced recently that they are banning ads that are promising to cure, prevent and induce panic around COVID -19. This policy will apply to Facebook, Instagram as well as its Marketplace platform where users can buy and sell items.

We are monitoring COVID-19 situation closely and will make necessary updates to our policies if we see people trying to exploit this public health emergency.

Rob Leathern – Facebook Director of Product Management

Facebook said it is working to support the World Health Organization (WHO) and taking steps to stop ads for products related to coronavirus implying a limited supply or guaranteeing a cure to prevent the disease. For eg: ads which claim like Masks are 100% guaranteed to prevent the spread of the virus will not be allowed.

Also, coronavirus subject based Groups and Pages also will be blocked from its algorithm, Facebook said. These rules will apply to Instagram as well. “Supplies are short, prices are up and we are against people exploiting this public health emergency”, tweeted Adam Mosseri, the Head of Instagram.

It is another important step Facebook is taking to protect its users and ensure they are getting accurate and timely information about the pandemic.

Ebay and Amazon also have modified their rules around #coronavirus related products. In a notice to its sellers, Ebay said it is banning all sales of face masks, hand sanitizers and disinfectants in effort to curb selling of these products at high prices than the normal. According to a report, it has already removed around 20,000 listings for making unverified claims related to coronavirus. Amazon also has removed third-party listings that significantly raised the prices of hand sanitizers, face masks and other medical products.

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