Enterprise Automation Solution for Product Engineering Company

Our challenge

Automate the task allocation Process

The client did not have any mechanism to speed up the task allocation process that could allow the plant managers to easily get the projection of daily tasks or growth plans.

Enhance the performance of the entire Greenhouse Plant

The client did all this activity through an excel sheet and physical notes which is very risky to secure all the data. Managing such crucial data on an excel spreadsheet compromised the integrity of their data and occasionally led in data loss with no tracking history of any changes.

Auto update the Projection Date if any of the planning task is delayed

The client had a different process to update the projection date and its a very tedious task to re-allocate the task allocation date for future dates.

Unable to measure the ongoing cost of consumption for every plant

The client had a set of static calculations of operational cost of every room of the plantation but there were lots of issues in accuracy to get actual cost consumption on daily basis


Our solution

Task allocation of activity made automated

Our developer build an intelligent mechanism using Odoo Framework to collect the one date of any task and all subsequent task dates will be set on the growth plantation dashboard for a complete year for their plant manager.

Manage the delayed task to repopulate the future projection date.

Our developer builds a dynamic logic to kill the manual process to get the projection date. And, All the projection dates will be automatically repopulated on the calendar of the plant manager.

Cost Calculation of Daily consumption from the inventory
We build a standard process to get the consumption cost based on the scientific calculation of daily activities on every plant.

Accumulate a different location of the growth plan
These all above solutions will work smoothly to get an accurate date of every growing plant from a different location.

Company: Okla grown

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Enterprise Automation Solution for Product Engineering Company
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