Car Rental Automation Services

Our challenge

The Logic Cars, one of the best reputed car rental agency in the UAE , needed to automate the process they used due to its insufficiency  in the roles assigned to traditional offline apps & the cars with their track record of service and to the rented people for the time they were allotted to , many such operations of the company needed a lot of apps and time consuming hard work.


With Automation, ERP, CRM etc the company now is looking forward wo a growth never imagined before , with new zeal the operations are smooth & the customer satisfaction rate that decides the repeated customer market, which will double which adds up to the growth, the automation provides

  • Car rental booking
  • Leads Automation
  • Application
  • management software


The Logic Cars company had reviewed many ERP solutions providers and were unable to find a trust worthy option in  market , they required one with experiences & case study in varied fields of all sizes be it small/medium/large.

When they reached Zenoids the team was overvalued by the interaction and the options presented by the technical team of Zenoids, each and every need had its own options & different experiences.

Our solution

Zenoids assessed all these challenges and came up with a significant web-based solution that consist of all the important features which included the addition of new parts with a unique part number, searching for parts through various filters, categories and equipment they fit in, editing & maintaining versions and edit history of such parts.

The important feature was generating Bills of Materials (BoM) for their products and calculating the cost of manufacturing their product.

We also ensured a user-friendly interface of the application to make the process of new parts addition, retrieval and managing existing parts versions easy and convenient.

Company: Logic Rental Cars – UAE

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