Cloud Base Comprehensive Solution for Automotive Industry

Our challenge

Car Tyre Company, provides tyres, brakes replacement and various car-related services like alignment, balancing, puncture repair, and subscriptions. The client’s preliminary focus is customer-centric. They consider it a challenge to deliver quality goods and services to customers.

A cloud-based solution to get a birds-eye view of both their location for their sales and inventory & to maintain a complete history of their customer transactions with them, products or services their customers purchased and quickly retrieve them.


Our solution

Zenoids focused on the main needs of the client which was managing sales and inventory at multiple locations, customer data sharing at both their location for subscribed services and quick retrieval of their customer history. The client’s back-end data is securely stored on Google Cloud. The application is available to anyone using the client-provided resources at their locations and supports Windows Desktop or apple mac.

The solutions presented by Zenoids were very needful for the clients and catered to their business needs.


  • Separate and Consolidated report of Sales Data
  • Bird eye view of total inventory and inventory at both locations
  • View customers’ purchase history and subscription history vehicle-wise easily from the dashboard to make quick decisions
  • Generate receivables receipt at the time of invoice creation
  • A separate dashboard for workshop mechanics to get a view of past vehicle history.
  • Schedule reminders through SMS for service dues
  • One Click Synchronization of their sales data, payments are collected in cash, card or bank are transferred to their offline accounting software.

Company: Apollo Tyres

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