Work From Home – COVID19


Dear professionals. As you all know that COVID-19 is spreading fast, due to which government of India has Implemented curfew for it’s citizens, But this is curfew may exceeds 15th April.
“COVID-19 can stop us from going to office but it can’t stop our productivity.”

Some multinational companies had given an instructions to work from home but many Startups cannot Impose such rules due to limited resource/ Financial restrictions.

So now what to do?
Zenoids providing special offer!!!
Work from home with Desktop & Laptops 
Now get Laptop Or Desktop with high speed processor on “Rent” At an Affordable prices.
So, don’t stop your self by earning profit by the spread of COVID-19
Just provide your employees with Laptop /Desktop and enhance their productivity.
So don’t wait just visit www.zenoidstechnologies.com or email info@zenoids.com 

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